I provide one-to-one photo workshops and experience days, as well as mentoring to anyone who is aiming for the Royal Photographic Society’s Licentiateship (LRPS) distinction.

Bird of Prey Photo work shops and experience days.

Birds of Prey are known as raptors, a term which originates from the Latin word rapere, meaning to seize or take by force. This may reinforce their predatory lifestyle, but any encounter with a bird of prey will leave a lasting impression.

It is not always practicable to photograph raptors at close quarters in their natural setting. However, many are trained for falconry, film and photography work and captive birds still display all the instincts of wild birds, so my photographic days are set up for you to capture some incredible images either static, flying or both. I can also travel offsite to accommodate particular scenery’s if required.

LRPS mentoring

The RPS - Royal Photographic Society, has three levels of distinction that they award to successful applicants. The first is the Licentiateship LRPS. For this the applicant must submit a panel of 10 images of a high standard of photographic execution - demanding but achievable for most dedicated photographers. Applicants must also show variety in approach and techniques but not necessarily in subject matter.

For your portfolio to be successful it must pass the five characteristics that the panel of RPS judges look for. These are: Presentation, Technical Camera, Technical Technique, Visual Technique and Communication.

My mentoring programme focuses on guiding you through the process and helping you select good images for your portfolio so that you stand a good chance of being successful.

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